Top Causes of Global Warming

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What is the top 10 causes of global warming? Well, that depends on what you consider to be causes. Some people say it’s manmade pollutants, and then there are those that say it’s a natural phenomenon. There are many conflicting points of view on this topic. So, let’s take a look at what causes global warming, and what you can do about it.

Causes of global warming actually come down to two main factors. The first factor is the gradual melting of the polar ice caps. This is due to global warming, as we have known for quite some time. The second cause of global warming has to do with the release of carbon dioxide and methane from our earth’s weather system, and the burning of fossil fuels for electricity generation.

So, what causes these atmospheric gases to rise into the atmosphere? A major factor is the increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide and methane in our earth’s atmosphere. These two substances are now considered to be one of the leading causes of warming. They rise because of the burning of fossil fuels for energy generation. The other reason our earth’s atmosphere is warming is because of the amount of heat being absorbed by the planet. When the heat is absorbed, it can actually melt ice, causing massive melting of the ice caps.

The other reason our atmosphere is warming is because of the release of carbon dioxide and methane from the earth’s rain and land surfaces. The absorption of carbon dioxide and methane by the atmosphere is a natural thing. The buildup of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere, though, is a man-made problem, and is perhaps the number one reason for all the carbon dioxide released into the air polluting our environment today.

How can we reduce the effects of man-made global warming? One of the most effective ways to reduce the effects of global warming is to plant trees. The best time to plant trees is during the dormancy period of spring. The trees will grow and start to produce carbon dioxide, much like plants that have been cut down do.

The list of the top 10 causes of global warming is just one of the many causes of global warming that scientists are learning about every day. Another reason is that the poles are starting to melt, and there is increased activity on land and in the ocean, all of which affect global warming. Though the list is long and troubling, it is necessary to keep looking for solutions to this problem. The sooner we can find them, the better off we’ll be.

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